The personal identity solution for the public sector.
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An online, real time authentication solution, capable of verifying the identity of individuals, is critical to electronic service delivery. The importance of this requirement, as well as the ability of such solutions to combat the growing threat of identity related fraud and crime, is reflected in the Cabinet Office report into identity fraud and the advisory guidance produced by the Office of the e-Envoy on the minimum requirements for the verification of identity for individuals and businesses.

Authenticate utilises Experian's vast consumer information databases to offer a remote online solution that uses corroborative data to:

Validate that the identity being used at the point of customer interaction exists

Verify that the owner of the valid identity is the subject of the transaction or application for service

Authenticate supports customer interaction across multiple channels including face-to-face, postal, Internet, telephone, and kiosk. As such, it is ideally suited to meeting the requirements of e-Government and supporting the radical transformation in service delivery, which is pivotal to making modernising government a reality.